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As a leader in the realms of cyber law and custom cyber strategies, we provide your organization with critical knowledge of this ever-changing field.

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For effective and customized defense training, intelligence training, and other informative distance learning programs, turn to our expert team.

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April 10-13:   Notacon Cleveland Meadow East, Warrensville Height, Ohio
April 17 - 21:  Easterhegg 2014, Kulterhaus Arena, Stuttgart Germany
July 18 - 20:  HOPE X, Hotel Pennsylvania, New York, New York
August 7 - 10:  DEFCON  22, Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas , Nevada


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Trust, Transparency and Accountability

At GSCI - Global Strategic Cyber Studies Institute - we advocate and train current and future leaders in the strategy, tactics, policy , diplomatic, military and intelligence skills necessary for cyber readiness through total cyber situational awareness.  Our team of expert highly professional and knowledgeable staff, support international initiatives in the domains of CyberDiplomacy, Cyber Intelligence, CyberWarfare, and CyberReadiness.  GSCSI offers uniquely tailored, highly specialized services that will ensure overall improvement in defensive and offensive preparedness.

We offer CyberSecurity services that enable 360 degree cyber situational awareness, and work hard to partner with only the best skilled and knowledgeable practitioners to revitalize and reinvigorate workforce knowledge capital.

Let our team help you prepare and develop or refine your strategic thinking and make you CyberReady™.

The future is now, and we are ready to support you as you optimize all your cyber resources.

We are affiliated with numerous and diverse governmental leaders, highly skilled executives, and our segacious leadership maintains relationships with Heads of State and sit on numerous High Level Boards as trusted advisors, mentors and coaches for related domestic and international organizations. From CyberLaw to Counter-Terrorism – we provide effective proven strategies, and we engage at Tier 1 CyberSummits and Consortiums.

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Let 2014 be the year of collaboration.  Our Global Future Leadership deserves no less.



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Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.  - Sun Tzu (544 - 496 BCE)